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Hendrix tribute stratocaster

This was a another custom paintjob project to create a tribute to Jimi Hendrix strat. It started as an Standard Squier stratocaster, with plans to do a custom paintjob of the body, pickguard and headstock, but plans changed after it came out looking very elegant in metallic black so it was left that way.




Tools used:


Sandpaper 220, 320, 600, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000

Nitro aerosols satin black, Amber clear, clear

Mother polish

Soldering iron

Standard tools (screwdrivers, wrenches etc.)

Parts used


One Squier standard body

Q-pickups handwound alnico 5/2

Fender 70s rosewood neck

Copper shielding tape

Tusq nut

As mentioned above, the original plan was to do a full body and headstock custom paintjob but it came out looking very nice in metallic black so after doing the pickguard we decided to stop there. The middle pickup cover overlaps with the image so it was painted also. Be sure to apply a plastic primer coat on a very clean pickguard so the paint will stick well


 as it is very easy to scratch it while playing. For this purpose a lot of clear coats were added after the image was painted. We used satin clear to keep a plastic look. As for the image, the white portion is just the white from the pickguard and the black was painted on using a printed out stencil of a Hendrix face graphic. The remaining 2 pickup covers were also painted black to preserve the same color tone. If black pickup covers were to be used, it would be slightly off.


For the neck we opted for Reranch Amber nitro finish using several light coats to give the instrument a somewhat aged look. We applied a new Fender headstock decal along with a Jimi Hendrix signature water decal and even went a little crazy and added a custom shop decal. Since the guitar is strictly for personal use, the placement is very random. For now it is left with Squier standard tuners as they do a nice job.


The cheap Squier pickups were taken off and replaced with handwound gray-bottom mix of Alnico 5 and Alnico 2 magnets. The top 3 and bottom 3 posts are different magnets so the tone is very rounded. It produces very Hendrixy tones without the reverse headstock and bridge magnet. Also, full size CTS pots were added as an upgrade. All in all the guitar plays and sounds excellent with stunning looks. 

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Finished guitar