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Gear Reviews

Over the years we've had our hands on a lot of equipment, good and bad, and those that deserve to be mentioned will be reviewed on this site. The facts stated in these reviews are strictly opinions based on our experiences with the item at hand. We do not endorse these products, only review them.


Epiphone Dot Cherry

In my opinion, this guitar is "bestbuy" from Epiphone. I think it's their best guitar, and although it's not perfect, you get your bang-for-the-buck... read more


G&L USA Legacy strat

My No.1. It's my first electric guitar and it feels the best to me. Like it's a part of my body. Dual fulcrum bridge is the best design in the world as far as tuning stability. I've more

Tech 21 Sansamp PSA 1

How would I describe this unit without taking too long? Well, let me inform you that I used to have a large pedalboard with a dozen pedals, and when on stage I had to learn to.... read more


TC Electronics G Major 2

This unit fulfills your every effect need. From filters, modulations, delays, reverbs, pitch shifting and harmonies, compressor, noise gate and more routing options... read more


Gibson LP Custom

Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty trully is "the fretless wonder".

Frets and action is so smooth and silky, it's a real pleasure to play... read more


Ibanez JS-1000

Aaaahh, the Satch... the shredding guitar... wish I knew how to shred... Well, this is a really good guitar, very light, with a perfect neck. The radius gets bigger more


Marshall MG-100

For a cheap solid state, this amp is awesome. Gigged with it for 2 years, as it is very reliable. Handles pedals like a champ. 100W of solid state isn't loud enough for more


Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue

The drive channel is crap, don't use it. But the clean, omg the clean, this is the one. This is the more


Fender Rumble 200

This Light weight bass combo amp packs a punch you wouldn't believe. I was looking for a powerfull bass combo amp for a long time, and was very concerned with more

Roland Cube 30x

Bought this for band practice for it's light weight, but was pretty dissapointed with the volume. Clean channel is loud, but the drive channel can't more


Yamaha FGX-423-MB

Sounds great unplugged and plugged in. Does cause a lot of feedback on stage if you dont have a hole-cover. Looks interesting with the green sunburst finish, and electronics are nice but it lacks a built in tuner. I don't play this one much because it has a very thin neck, too thin even for my short fingers, which makes it hard to play for long. For recording it's awesome.

Mackie DFX-6

Very nice little mixer. Built very solid and with ton's of features. It's very quiet and has good preamps and EQ. Has lot's of digital effects, but some of them sounded pretty synthetic to my ears. The break button comes in handy at gigs as it mutes everything except the aux input for an mp3 player. It's very easy to use with no need for a manual.


SX Scorpio

For a $50 guitar this thing is a monster. Sounds great, I've even taken it on stage once when I had problems with my main guitar and it held up very nice. If you're on a tight budget, buy this guitar, you won't be disappointed. The neck radius is a little flater than other strats, but it plays nice. Only problem I had with it is setting the floating tremolo, which is hard to keep in tune with 6 screws design.


Behringer shark

I don't usualy write bad reviews, but this one is a must. Don't buy this unit. It says it's a feedback destroyer, but it actually creates feedback, even at low volumes. As soon as you connect through it, the feedback starts, than it put's on so many filters that you end up sounding like those cheap speakers at train stations.


Fender Texas special pickups

If it's SRV tone you're looking for, these are the pickups you want. They do this job exceptionally well. But if you need your guitar to be able to play other genres, these are not so great. On high distorsion they don't sound good. Playing blues, these are very good for clean and mild overdriven tones. Middle pickup is also very usable which is rare.