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TC Electronic G-Major 2




This unit fulfills your every effect need. From filters, modulations, delays, reverbs, pitch shifting and harmonies, compressor, noise gate and more routing options than you'll ever need. It's very quiet and sound coloring is minimal. Full midi control and expression pedal support even covers your whammy or wah needs as well.


The versatility


There are 100 factory presets you can use to start exploring, and a 100 more empty slots for your custom sounds.


The filter section is good, and if you connect an expression pedal, you can get a desent wah pedal. I like the autowah a lot, you can hear a subtle autowah in my All along the Watchtower video. Compressor is very customizable, and usable, either for clean chords, or for soloing. Pitch section is awesome, anything from whammy effects and an octaver, with a 4 octave range, to a 3 part smart harmony (your sound plus 2 harmony sounds customizable by scales). Modulation effects are top notch, including choruses, flangers, phasers, leslie effects and more. TC electronics are

known for their delays and reverbs and there is not much I can say that you haven't heard before, I will just say they are of spectacular quality. On top of all that, there is a very good noise gate I use all the time, different useful routings, amp channel switching, and everything is programmable and controlable by midi.
How I Use it
Ive programmed my unit by songs or song parts, and also programmed the Ground Controller for stomp box mode, so along with program switching song by song, I can turn various effect blocks on and off like I would with guitar pedals. There is a very useful boost function and tap tempo function as well. The 

unit is connected in an effect loop of my Fender Blues Deluxe combo amp. My signal chain is as follows: guitar - tuner - wah - Fender Blues Deluxe preamp on clean - Sansamp PSA 1 - G Major 2 - Fender blues deluxe power amp - speaker. I found that this unit sounds best in this exact spot. When used like this, the unit is also in a perfect place to use for the master volume control, right in front of the power amp.




Over the years I've used a lot of different guitar effects, and this one replaced all of them. The programming of the unit is so versatile that you really don't need any other effects in your signal chain. Other than a preamp and amp, I only use a wah pedal because although the wah in this unit sounds pretty decent, using a midi expression pedal to control it has a slight lag to it, and is not suitable for live performing. This can be avoided if you plug the expression pedal directly to the pedal jack on the back of this unit, but since I have mine plugged into the Ground control to reduce the number of cables on stage, I like using a seperate wah pedal much more.


The sound quality of this unit is exceptional, and there is not much more I could ask for in terms of effects. I'm sure their G Force line must be even better, but it is a little over my budget. - Bluesmannus