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Guitar setup & maintenance

If your instrument doesn't play well, it has high action, fret buzz, chocking notes, tuning problems, chances are all you need is a good setup.

Read about truss rod settings, bridge adjustments, intonation settings,  pickup height,  string action adjustments and more.

Guitar repair

If it's broken, it CAN be fixed.

Most repairs are not that hard and if you have the right tools and knowledge you can do them yourself. Fret jobs, dents and cracks, electronics repair, parts replacement, rewiring and more...

Gear review

Read the various equipment reviews, watch demo videos, gear comparisons and comment based on your own experiences. Whether it's a guitar, pedal, rack effect, your favorite amp or a piece of software plugin or DAW, virtual instruments, and much much more...


Customizing a So-Cal Speed Shop Stratocaster


Fender So-Cal Speed Shop Stratocaster is a pretty unique guitar to start with, a limited edition from 2005,  inspired by a one-off created by the Fender Custom Shop's master builder. Read more about this customisation project with detailed photos, schematics and diagrams.


Simple effective improvement 


Points where the string touches the body are very important. A simple nut change can make a huge difference in your tone, feel of the instrument, sting binding (catching) and most importantly tuning stability. We highly reccomend the TUSQ nut for any instrument, cheap or expensive. It's an easy job and any one can do it.

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2004 strat relic job 


This was a project my old man took to give me a guitar I would bang on the road wherever I went. Since todays finishes are so tough and durable, it would take forever for a guitar to get in such a shape, so he started me off with a custom relic job, in the style of Number one, Stevie Ray Vaughans favorite guitar.

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40 year old 12 string make-over 


This axe needed a very serious make-over, as it is over 40 years old. The make and model is unknown to me as it was purchased used back in the ninetees from a seller who also knew nothing about it. The label inside is weathered to the point that it is unreadable. This was a very long project, but it was worth it.

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Monterey Pop Strat 


In this article, we describe a custom build of a Monterey Pop Festival Stratocaster replica. The process is documented in HD as much as possible, starting with the disassembly of a used Squier strat to the finished replica. This guitar is built strictly for personal use and is not for sale.

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Jimi's Woodstock lefty strat 


This was a project to create a woodstock strat that Jimi played in 69 but as a left hand version so it would look right played by a right handed guitarist. It started as an Affinity Squier lLF stratocaster, but all that was left of it by the end is the body. 

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Tribute to Jimi Hendrix strat 


This was a another custom paintjob project to create a tribute to Jimi Hendrix strat. It started as an Standard Squier stratocaster, with plans to do a custom paintjob of the body, pickguard and headstock, but plans changed after it came out looking very elegant in metallic black so it was left that way.

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