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G&L Legacy Stratocaster

This is my No.1. It's my first electric guitar and it feels the best to me. Like it's a part of my body. Dual fulcrum bridge is the best design in the world as far as tuning stability. I've modded it with SJBJ neck and bridge pickups and it's my one-axe-for-all. Nothing you can't play on it. After all, it is the latest Strat design Leo Fender made before he passed away...


Mine is a 1993 Candy Apple Red maple neck model, bought in San Jose California. It has jumbo frets and a 9.5" neck radius, with a C-shape neck.

Tone circuit has seperate bass and treble knobs that affect all pickup positions.

I added a Seymore Duncan Jeff Beck junior neck and bridge pickups. I also added a 3 position switch for the neck pickup that has series/split/parallel combinations. The bridge pickup is always in standard humbucking mode.


With this setup, this is an instrument for all styles of music. From glassy cleans to dirty distorsion. The neck is very well made with perfect intonation and low action with no chocking notes or fret buzz.


There is hardly any setup ever needed on this guitar except for regular maintenance. It's also very sturdy, and I've taken it on the road for a decade, dropped it, banged it,

it fell off the stand a couple of times, never sustained any damage but a few bruises.


As I've said, it's my No.1 guitar, and if there's ever a gig I can bring only one guitar to, this is the one I take with me. I've also done a number of recordings in the studio with it, and it always sounds awesome, no matter what style of music is played on it. The tone is very balanced, and it stays in tune almost always. You can dive-bomb, vibrate, and strum as hard as you want and it always stays in pitch.


Off-course it is very important to lubricate the points of contact, whereve the strings touch any part of the hardware. When changing strings, you must strech them properly and tuning is never an issue after that. 

The tuners are of good quality, and the switch and pots are also very durable as it's been played for over 20 years, and I never had to clean or replace any of the electronics. 
Some people dislike the "changed" headstock, but trust me, this is as real a 
stratocaster as it gets. I believe that what sets this strat appart from all others is Leo Fenders last bridge design. The dual fulcrum floating tremolo bridge is a breakthrough in tuning stability. I use it a lot for vibrato with my right palm, and its always smooth like you would expect a Bigsby to be, but without going out of tune :-)
I highly reccomend this guitar to all Fender lovers, just be sure not to confuse it with the G&L tribute. Get yourself a USA made one and you won't regret it. - Bluesmannus