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Marshall MG 100DFX

For a cheap solid state, this amp is awesome. Gigged with it for 2 years, as it is very reliable. Handles pedals like a champ. 100W of solid state isn't loud enough for bigger gigs, but it sounds decent miced up. Effects are very good, and the channels are very customisable and noise free. Best solid state I've owned.


This amp is incredably versatile, you can play anything trough this amp and get a decent sound. The amp comes with a 12" celestion speaker, which probably has a lot to do with how good it sounds.

This amp is brilliant. It has tons of really good features. The clean channel is very nice and smooth, similar to that of the old Jazz Chorus series amps. Crunch is awesome, it's a really heavy, bluesy kind of sound mostly in overdrive teritory. There are 2 channels but 4 different sound modes. The second channel is overdrive, with 2 modes, Od1 is good for blues and rock. Od 2 is heavier distorsion, it suits hard rock, heavy metal, or just plain rock (low - medium gain for normal rock). Also it has stunning built-in effects like chorus, delay, chorus/delay combo, and flanger.

These are really cool, delay is clean, not like analog delays, (that would be a nice feature).... Also there is a great reverb with seperate level and FX level to control how much FX you want. There is a headphones jack too. A great FDD switch which simulates a dinamic response of tube amps.. 2-way footswitch also supplied, one for channel changing and another one for turning delay/chorus on or off, however you cannot turn off the reverb levels with the footswitch. It's a good job they did on the reverb on the amp, nice and rich sounding, even though it's digital.


It sounds better with humbuckers but normal single coils are awesome as well on this amp.  It handles pedals very nice too, I've used all sorts of pedals in front of this amp, including, a Tubescreamer, Jackhammer, SansAmp, wah, all sorts of pedals sounded nice on the clean channel, and some even on dirty channels.The amp sounds solid overall, the claen and overdrive 1 have a really nice warm tone and it's just got that distinctive Marshall tone. The distortion is powerful on crunch and overdrive 2 at very high gain and volume levels. Overdrive also screams at full gain and volume, and you can actually play it at full volume which is not that often on amps, and even when I was a bit naughty and did dare to turn it up to 10 it was still clear as day. Too bad it's not particularily loud, and for most big gigs, I've had to use a mic in front.


This Amp is built well, and is very reliable. I've had it for 5 years when I sold it for an upgrade. Mine even survived a flood, granted it was a few inches of water in a flooded basement, so thankfully the water didn't reach the speaker membrane, but the cabinet survived with no problems. Gigged with it for 2 years a few times a week, and never had a problem.