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Fender Rumble 200 Bass amp

This Light weight bass combo amp packs a punch you wouldn't believe. I was looking for a powerfull bass combo amp for a long time, and was very concerned with size and weight, and this thing is perfect.


It looks great with black livery, silver grille cloth and neat metal corners. It weighs so little that it's hard to believe it's actually a bass amp! Even more surprising is just how forceful a sound it produces. 140 watts through it's 15" internal speaker doesn't sound so impressive on paper, but believe me this has the most low end bass sound out of a regular size amp that I ever heard.


The control panel features both input and master volumes, Bright switch to turn the horn on and off, a contour and vintage switch, an overdrive section and a four-band EQ that includes a semi-parametric mid section.


Loaded with a robust 15-inch Eminence speaker and a switchable horn, this compact unit also features front porting so all of the sound is projected forwards.


Rear sockets include auxiliary input, headphones, DI connection and effects send and return: this solid-state combo looks equipped for all your practice and standalone small gig needs. Set the tone controls flat to experience the three tonal presets for a good indication of what can be achieved here.


Bright adds some extra bite and growl; Contour, some bass boost; and Vintage takes you back to those classic Fender bass amp sounds of the 60s. After shaping your sound, you can use the main tone controls to enhance further, or create your own sound from scratch. For some added color, try the overdrive section with drive 

and level controls that allow you to create your perfect blend between distorted and clean. The quality and sound projection from something this easy to transport is what makes this combo so impressive. If you crave portability, yet still want lush and distinctive tones, this will do the job really well.

I was looking for maximum low-end thump and light weight, and chose the Rumble 200 Combo, with its 140watts through a 15" speaker, or 200 watts if you add an external speaker.. The overdrive has a gain and blend control, so you can mix the perfect amount of overdrive into your sound. Some great features also include an XLR out, which i find extremely usfull for live aplications as well as recording, and with an optional footswitch, you can turn the overdrieve on/off, perfect for highlighting those special parts..


I was amazed at the power and sound coming from a smaller combo amp like this one. I'm very pleased with the performance and ease of transport this Fender Combo provides.  - Bluesmannus