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Ibanez JS-1000

Aaaahh, the Satch... the shredding guitar... wish I knew how to shred, lol... Well, this is a really good guitar, very light, with a perfect neck. The compound radius gets bigger as you move up the neck, so every note rings out perfectly. This guitar reveals everything about your playing technique. Pickups are hot, and the push-pull knobs give you tons of combinations. 


So about this neck, what is so special? Well first of all I like the fact that it feels like a strat neck, with a modern C profile made of 1 piece maple with rosewood fretboard. It just has that familiar feel like you've played it before, and I think this is really something to look for in a guitar. Let's face it, the body shape of any guitar isn't a deciding factor whether you like it or not, for me it's always down to the shape of the neck.

So feeling like a strat, it appealed to me instantly. But that's not the best part. The compound radius is what makes this neck special. What that means is that closer to the nut, the fretboard is rounder, and closer to the body it gets flatter. That translates into being easier to play, as you tend to play more chords near the nut and more solos near the body. With compound radius this is 


not only easier but also sounds way better, with notes ringing out perfectly, and endless sustain.

So where does all this sustain come from?


Well, there are a lot of factors that makes this guitar sing. For it's light basswood body, you wouldn't expect it to sustain for long, but man, how wrong that assumption would be. This guitar is equipped with DiMarzio pickups and a double locking tremolo. You have a DiMarzio PAF Pro in the neck position, and a DiMarzio Fred in bridge position, and these humbuckers are hot, hot hot.


With the Edge Pro tremolo, you get all the features of a Floyd Rose, but without the akward parts sticking out of the body cavity. This bridge is nice and flush with the body, and can divebomb all day without going out of tune, thanks to the locking nut on the other end. It also includes fine adjustment tuning screws which are very convinient. 

All the hardware is done in black chrome which perfectly complements the Black Pearl finish of the body. The Black headstock matching the body and the gold decals are also a nice touch for an overall dark look.

The controls include a master volume with a push/pull switch for a circuit that preserves the high frequencies at lower volumes, a tone knob with a coil split push/pull switch, and a three way toggle switch for neck, bridge, or both pickups at once.


This guitar is light as a feather, but sings for hours. Feels strangely familiar, like you've had it for decades, and reveales every nuance of your playing. This is something to consider for novice players, you simply can't hide lack of technique on this beast. It will show all your weaknesses, every squeek of the finger, every note not played exactly right, but if you know your stuff, you will shine with this axe! - Bluesmannus

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